Friday, November 19, 2010

version 2.0

get excited! the biggest upgrade of Snake Classic is out and live on the App Store. there are so many new features in this version, and we are sure you will love all of them.
  • extreme mode: a new game mode in which you play all the fields for 45 seconds each. get the most apples as possible within the 45 seconds on each field until you have completed all the fields. time trial :)
  • fields: now play 4 different fields to test your snaking skills! 
  • wallpapers: customize Snake Classic the way you like with one of  4 wallpapers!
you get all of these features ready to use in the premium version of the game called Snake Classic Unlocked, a separate app available on the App Store for $0.99. 

BUT.. we know you don't like paying for apps. so, there is another way to unlock all these features in the regular free Snake Classic app. just download our partner apps (that are free) and redeem the credits you earn to unlock these features. click on "unlock" to in the main menu of the app to learn more.

and that is not all. there are a bunch of bug fixes and a help section to assist you with all of this!

wow, all that can be said now is.. have fun snaking!

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